Specialized IT

RangeCode is the IT Expert you need. Why?

Because RangeCode is on your side when it comes to Quality, Maintenance and Costs

We focus on what out costumers need and find the most cost efficient solution to solve and eliminate problems. At the same time suggesting Business Processes optimizations.

RangeCode Consulting

Because we Architect and Develop the software that your business specifically needs

We have extensive knowledge of best practices in development of successful solutions for Enterprise Core Business Software

Custom Solution

Because we have over 16 years of experience in Proven Technologies

We have the long term experience in Microsoft .Net, SQL, Ingratiation such as BizTalk Server, virtualized webservice platforms and many others. We also learned which approaches and patterns stood the test of time.

Technology Support

Because we are up to date in the latest technology innovations

We are early adopters of several cross platform solutions and toolkits embracing Open Source, Cloud Services, and using what best the community creates, providing analytics, machine learning, integration, and many other features.

Innovational Solutions

About RangeCode

RangeCode, Lda

IT Enterprise Architecture

We specialize in Providing, Advising and Developing solutions to improve your Company’s Applicational Ecosystem.
By refactoring existing Business Processes, Optimizing them, while managing Legacy Systems support, integrating or developing New Applications and bringing new Open Source, Cloud and Cross-Platform Standards we aim to help you make your company a Successful, Efficient, Popular and Profitable example.


RangeCode Lda, is located near Lisbon, Portugal, in the western edge of Europe

Rua do Fundo, 11
2665-303 Milharado

Phone: (+351) 210 508 524
Email: info@rangecode.com